Interior Design TRENDS to try in 2016

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*Hello there! It’s been a while since my last post and I missed this little corner so much. The past couple of months were upsetting, with lots of transitional phases to go through. My life routine changed on so many levels and I found myself abandoning everything. It can be surprising how random people who cross your path can negatively affect your life goals and enthusiasm for personal plans and growth. Who knows, maybe I can write about that one day. On the numerous times where I thought I found my balance, I forced myself to write but it never felt spontaneous or genuine. I just couldn’t fake write in a cheerful (happy blog) tone anymore. A special friend recommended that I write in a conversational form to overcome my writer’s block. Let’s see how it goes…* 


It’s a new year and a fresh new start for everyone. One of the most popular topics on the web right now is the 2016 interior design trends. Now I am not usually a fan of trends, since for me there is no right or wrong in design, and beauty is a relative thing. But it’s nice to know about new materials and design approaches, especially when older overrated trends are finally getting ditched (bye bye multipurpose mason jars for me).
I went through lots of articles where in-the-know designers suggested different trends to follow. Here’s a selection of my favorites:

Fashion Pop Up Store Chanel Courchevel Interior Design Trends Style Essentials 2016

1. Softer Shades.

This year I would love to see more pastel shades and softer palettes that create a soothing and calm atmosphere.
For 2016 selections, the leading paint providers and color experts have announced the following:

•Dulux: Cherished Gold, a golden yellow

•Benjamin Moore: Simply White

•PPG PaintsParadise Found, a muted aloe green (muted is for colors mixed with white or grey to make the color less bright)

•Kelly-Moore Paints: Horizon Gray, a versatile looking grey (somewhere in between mint and blue, but I love it!)

•Pantone: Rose Quartz, a lush pale pink, and Serenity, a calm shade of blue (my favorites)




Brazilian Modern JZ Trolly Adriana Armchair Espasso NYC New York Jorge Zalszupin Interior Design Trends Style Essentials 2016

2. Brazilian Modern.
This is the part I was hesitant to mention the most. Why? Because Brazilian Modern is not, well, affordable. The 1950s Brazilian modernist furniture that’s gaining in popularity is not only rare due to the fact that it was created in limited quantities. The vintage pieces are made of exotic wood, such as the endangered Brazilian Rose Wood which makes the process of exporting the furniture a lot harder. Add to that the precious design heritage of Brazilian modernists designers and architects such as Joaquim Tenreiro, Jorge Zalszupin, Paulo Mendes, and Oscar Niemeyer. Yep, I’ve changed my mind.


Black Stainless Steel Appliances Kitchen LG Interior Design Trends Style Essentials 2016

3. Black Stainless Seel.
The big names in home appliances manufacturing have introduced their new lines of products with black stainless steel finishing which, as they claimed, does not stain! The black metallic seems like an interesting unconventional alternative to regular stainless steel (I am not a real fan of silver) but I still feel that black shades can make a kitchen look dull and gloomy, so let’s see how architects around the world will experiment with this new (tricky) finish.


Sinnerlig Raw Materials Sustainable Ikea Cork Green Wood Interior Design Trends Style Essentials 2016

4. Sustainability.
In a nutshell, it’s a design approach that uses traditional materials and techniques to minimize the impact on the environment and our health. Elements like cork, wood, stone, and concrete remain sought-after materials. On a side note, I loved the ‘WILD‘ themed Maison et Objet 2016 where artists were invited to look beyond the predictable-polished and well proportioned-design forms and to experiment with the raw state of the material in question instead.


Tortus Studio Copenhagen Handmade Pottery Interior Design Trends Style Essentials 2016

5. Handmade Pottery.
This year I hope I will be able to get my hands on some handmade pottery, especially the ones with the dip glazing technique. My favorite part about pottery making is that an artist literally pours himself into his work and his gentle and cautious strokes are immortalized in beautiful works of art. One of my favorite potters I’m following right now on Instagram is @tortus_copenhagen whose pottery pieces are picture above.


Cotton Wool Flat Woven Rug Interior Design Trends Style Essentials 2016

6. Wool and Cotton Flat Weaves.
Flat woven is a technique used for rugs that have no pile. This makes them durable with a pleasant smooth surface for walking barefoot. The low pile makes them perfect for allergy sufferers since they do not collect a significant amount of dust. They are also practical when moving furniture, especially in dining rooms where chairs can easily go back and forth. My favorite part about flat weaves is that they are most of the time reversible and can be used on both sides.


German Chamomille Seedling Growing Indoor Green Flowers Plants Seed Interior Design Trends 2016 Style Essentials

7. Indoor Greens.
This year as well I am giving indoor gardening a try! It all started by coincidence when I bought a planting kit from German brand Tchibo for growing German Chamomile. Things are going well till now and I am patiently waiting for my seedlings to mature. I’s a really fun and rewarding activity and if I succeed I will definitely post about my new hobby!


Lastly, I’d like to conclude this post with one of my favorite quotes by Coco Chanel: “La mode se démode, le style jamais. Fashion fades, style is eternal.”

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