5 easy Home Bar alternatives

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Cosmopolitan by Ralph Daily on Flickr

Care for a drink?

I can’t really tell when custom “Home Bars” have become an essential design element in each Lebanese apartment. It could be a worldwide trend after all, but the insistence of some clients has left some of us interior designers clueless and wondering about which part of that well put together living area we need to sacrifice for this inflexible need.
Luckily Home Bars if incorporated in the proper way can make an interesting design statement.
So I have managed to assemble a list of 5 interesting alternatives for Home Bars and I am going to share it with you:


Lovely Home Bar Corner, interior design by Brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld, with white and wood paneling

From the works of Brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld

1- The Display Corner Bar. 

Great for lost spaces we usually tend to stuff with artwork, the picture above is a perfect example this type of implementation. I love how it does not interfere with the space functioning, yet sets the sleek mood of this place. Simple and discrete.
The extra touch: Notice the mirror paneling that minimizes the heaviness of this corner.


Bourne Bar Cabinet from Crate and Barrel, alcohol storage and tray, sleek and discrete design for home bars

The Bourne bar cabinet from Crate and Barrel is a great example to start from

2- The Cabinet Bar. 

This type of bar is not only clever and multifunctional but it’s also poised and reserved. It blends in perfectly with the rest of the furniture. I love the gadget feel it gives. Kind of like a Swiss knife. But with a martini shaker.


Arak Bar Cabinet, by German architect Philip Mainzer, polished brass and wood, sideboard home bar

Solid wood and polished brass lining pair perfectly in the Arak bar cabinet by German architect Philip Mainzer

3- The Dining Sideboard Bar. 

Also an alternative to the cabinet bar in the dining room, I like how the top flips back to make room for easy bar handling.


Home Bar and Fireplace in Living Room, clever use of storage by Belgian interior architect Frederic Kielemoes, in red black and grey tones

Clever use of storage by Belgian interior architect Frederic Kielemoes

4- The Hidden Insert Bar.

I love a fully functional well balanced design that wastes no space for storage. So fireplace, dvd, and wine. What a perfect combo!


Bar Cart with Alchohol, vintage design, green bottles, martini glasses, brass and glass finish

The most versatile of all options, the timeless bar cart

5- The Bar Cart.

This complement is back in vogue, and the plus is that it can be moved practically anywhere. The internet is full of articles on how to repurpose it and style it. Have fun!
Styling tip: For a vintage kick, make sure to place the bar cart under a framed vintage French liquor art poster.


If you liked this post you can check out my [board] on Pinterest for more Home Bars inspiration. I hope it was helpful and I would love to hear back from you in the comments section below.

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