6 Interior Design Tips for Small Spaces

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With an increase in average apartments prices, the majority is stuck with small spaces to benefit from. Narrow flats may seem boring and difficult to manage. But with a few simple tricks, you can turn them into your own personal haven to relax and unwind. Let me name the basics:

1- Declutter.
Clear your floor’s space and stick to the essentials. Not only does organizing make your home appear brighter, but it also makes your daily routine seem easier. It is also good Feng Shui!


2- Look for Extra Storage.
Think of all the lost spaces like under a staircase or a bed, or above a wardrobe. Think outside the box and be creative!


3- Arrange Wisely.
Place furniture along the room’s perimeter when possible to minimize visual clutter and allow a better circulation. This update is instant and free of charge! Read about my inexpensive interior design refreshers [here].


4- Use Empty Vertical Surfaces.
Install shelves and storage all along the walls, and for houses with higher ceilings, a mezzanine can create an additional floor and double the surface of a room!


5- Paint it White.
Unlike warm and dark colors, white tends to bounce light and make a room appear larger. If you wish to use other shades, make sure to use them in smaller amounts, like for accessories and accents.


6- Go Multi-Purpose.
Why invest in a bed and a sofa, and worry about space management when you can have both in one! Think modular, think double function.


Remember, a good home is not about its size but about you feeling great in it!

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