Swimming Pool: The Basics

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Nothing says summer like a swimming pool! I thought of bringing up this refreshing and fun subject for this week’s post, even if most of us are not lucky enough to own one at home. Let’s admit it, nothing captivates us more than photos of blue and calm pools! But ever wondered what are the different elements to consider to build a pool? Let me name the basics:


lap-pool-architecture-swimming Style Essentials Lebanon Interior Design
1. Shape.
When working outdoor, a good landscaping study is essential for a harmonious pool design. Implementation is also key here. A pool surface is most of the time determined by the available plot. There are endless possibilites of irregular/rectangular shapes, but it’s all a matter of personal preference. For example, I really like the lap pool, which is a long and narrow pool, like the one pictured above. It is designed specifically for the purpose of swimming laps, usually used by one person.


Swimming Pool Minimal Levels Style Essentials Lebanon Interior Design
2. Depth and Vertical Circulation.
Shallow pools are great for lounging and unlike deeper ones, they minimize the risk of drowning. As for the circulation, I really like Italian steps instead of regular climbing ladders, especially when the length of the pool allows it. Alternating between levels is really fun here and makes lots of room for creativity!


hotel-monastero-santa-rosa-in-italy Style Essentials Lebanon Interior Design
3. Edge Type.
There are mainly 3 types of pool edges: overflow, skimmer, and infinity. My personal favorite is the overflow. It is when the water level is even with the pool deck, while the skimmer is when the water level is under the pool edges. The infinity also known as vanishing edge, like pictured above, is a derivative of the overflow system, with water flowing over one or more edges.


4. Technical and Mechanical Studies.
It is crucial to consult professionals here who will guide you through the process of building your pool. I know this is obvious, but it is important to set an estimated cost for your project alongside the mechanical and technical features, in order to avoid unexpected additional fees and regrettable mistakes. You will also be advised on sunlight, shade, and wind, to make the most out of your location.


Jesolo Lido Pool Villa Style Essentials Lebanon Interior Design
5. Lighting.
This is essential for creating a pleasant and magical mood at night, and the planning should not only cover the water area, but the landscaping as well. The outdoor lighting fixtures are endless, which makes room for lots of creativity here. As for a little upgrade, I really like the color changing feature.


People-Nature-3-Greece-Cave-Swimming-Pool-Santorini Style Essentials Interior Design
6. Finishes and Color.
This part plays a key role in the aesthetic appeal of the pool, so chose wisely! In case you ever wondered why pools look blue, it is not because of the reflected sky, but because water tends to absorb blue a lot slower than other colors. The deeper the pool, the deeper the blue. It is not usually recommended to use colors other than blue and white, simply because other shades make it impossible to detect impurities and growing algae. The finishes come in an array of materials, ranging from plaster, aggregate, mosaic, ceramics, and stone.


Endless Pool Style Essentials Lebanon Interior Design
7. Water Features.
They are mainly for aesthetic purpose and include fountains, waterfalls, water curtains and many others. As for athletic people, some like having the “endless pool” system installed. It is a built-in adjustable current where one can swim against it for a good workout. It is also a great space saving alternative for pools built in small backyards.


Unique-contemporary-pools-design-with-stylish-round-decoration-on-top-of-it-to-make-the-pool-look-more-beautiful-and-interesting Style Essentials Lebanon Interior Design
8. Wellness and Leisure.
Some upgrades include water slides for kids, or grotto caves for a secluded lounge. But the most popular feature (and my personal favorite as well) is an attached hot tub or built-in Jacuzzi nozzles for a relaxing indulgence.


Donut-and-Pretzel-Inflatable-Pool-Toys-Giant Style Essentials Lebanon Interior Design Urban Outfitters
9. Finishing Touches and Styling.
Sure you can decorate a pool! The overall theme of the project/house will help you pair perfectly your outdoor accessories and furniture together. My personal favorite is undoubtedly the Canasta collection by Patricia Urquiola for B&B Italia. So what’s your style? Rustic, bohemian, or zen?
Styling tip: I love inflatables thrown in the pool! They look fun and inviting! Check out the food-inspired inflatables above from Urban Outfitters.

Last but not least, it’s all a matter of personal preference here! With infinite elements and details for each of the categories listed above, each pool can become a unique and fun project of its own.

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