HDR opens new Omaha Headquarters – Weekly Picks June 2015 #1

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It’s time for a new batch of weekly picks!


1. A Renovated West Village Home Tour
For this Manhattan restaurateur, a move downtown meant having the chance to create a space all her own–without the help of an interior designer. Trusting her instincts, while keeping the needs of her children front and center, Ali Cayne embarks on a journey of renovation and self-exploration. [continue reading here]



2. The next thing in home design: furniture that can charge your smartphone
The newest furniture collection at IKEA looks typical of the Scandinavian retailer’s style – minimalist and affordable, simple and sleek. But the lamps and small tables, which have just arrived at the Houston outlet, are actually on the cutting edge of home design and technology. [continue reading here]



3. Le Corbusier exhibits paintings at Galerie Zlotowski
The Corbusier blockbuster is at the Centre Pompidou, but a smaller concurrent exhibition in Paris is also worthy of notice. Timed with the 50th anniversary of his death, “Le Corbusier: 1930-1965,” at Galerie Zlotowski through July 25, focuses on sculptures, paintings, collages, and drawings. The Swiss-French architect, who dedicating half of each day to drawing, was often seen carrying around a sketchbook. [continue reading here]



4. HDR opens new Omaha Headquarters
When it comes to drawing up the offices of a design firm, everyone has an opinion. HDR’s offices in Omaha, a whopping 31,000 square-feet space, were in desperate need of an update. Despite the collaborative nature of their work, most of the 135 employees were still boxed up in cubicles or private enclosed offices, cut off from one another. A rebranding of the office was necessary for it to reflect the forward-thinking firm and also to accommodate the creative minds. [continue reading here]



5. World’s 50 Best Restaurants list and the changing geography of food
Is France no longer the centre of global cuisine? 2015 marks the fourth straight year that no restaurants from the country that (probably) views itself as the capital of superior dining feature in the top 10 of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants. What makes this so galling is that in 2004 five of the top 10 spots were occupied by French establishments. That year the UK took three of the 10 places. In fact, back then more than half (27) of the best 50 were shared between the two countries. [continue reading here]

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