How to Plan your Ideal Bedroom Closet

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Bedroom Closets are one of the essential elements that no home can go without. Planning your own dressing area might seem intimidating at first, and you might be wondering where to start. But it’s easier than you think as long as you break it down into small basic steps. Here is how I do it:


Gliss 5th wardrobe by Molteni

Gliss 5th wardrobe by Molteni

1- Select your colors and finishes.
This will help you achieve the look that suits you best, all while taking into consideration your bedroom’s color palette. Is it white and chic? Or dark and masculine?


Ikea Hallway Storage, mirror sliding panel, small space interior design

via Ikea

2- Choose your type of panels.
Sliding panels are a great alternative for small bedrooms as they won’t take up space opening/closing, unlike pivot panels. But the higher you go, the heavier and costlier they get.


Walnut closet detail by StudioKo

Love this finger groove handle detail by StudioKo

3- Decide on your type of handles.
I personally prefer groove handles. They can minimize the visual clutter and give a cleaner look to any wardrobe. But if your budget is very tight, most regular handles can save you money, as you will skip the procedure of creating grooves in the wooden boards themselves. Read about my styling tips for a minimal kitchen [here].


From the works of Portuguese designer Artur Miranda, lacquered black and wood system, fur ottoman, modern wardrobe design in beautiful modern house in Portugal

From the works of Portuguese designer Artur Miranda

4- Define your storage.
Think of the items you will be storing in your closet and plan accordingly. Folded clothes go on shelves and undergarments in drawers. As for hanging rails, jackets and pants can go in half-sized compartments, and coats and gowns in longer compartments. Customizing your wardrobe has to meet your preferences as well. Are you a shoe person? Then you will definitely want shoe racks. Do you love handbags shopping? Then you will need some nice shelves to keep them in sight. The more you arrange in groups, the bigger the space you will need, and the more it will cost you to accessorize.


Stunning wardrobe with lighting by Lema Mobili

Love this stunning Lema wardrobe!

5- Plan ahead your lighting.
Sometimes the ambient lighting is not enough to bring out the beauty of a well arranged wardrobe, and I think that built-in LED profiles can add a touch of luxury to any closet. They do not require electrical outlets as some of them have a built-in motion sensor and are battery powered, so they can last for months.


Budget and space dimensions remain key for achieving your ideal closet, which makes each wardrobe a unique design statement. So have fun building your own!
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