How to Pick the Right Dining Table Lamp

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So you finally found your perfect dining table but you’re wondering which style of pendant lamp should go with it. Regardless of the thousands of choices for you to pick from, finding your perfect pendant style is easier than you thought. Here’s how I do it:


Dining room, Sage by Kodu Design, Flos 2097 chandelier

Loving the Flos 2097 chandelier in this sleek dining room by Canada based Kodu Design

1- Round Table.
This shape is pretty much easy to work with, as long as the pendant lamp doesn’t exceed half the diameter of your table. This keeps the design well kept together.
Styling tip: Avoid using a square/rectangular/linear modules as they won’t look flattering on a round table.


Paris Apartment by Studio Ko, with modular pendants, square wood dining table, and fireplace

Great example of modular pendants for a large sized square dining table, at this Parisian Apartment by French Studio Ko

2- Square Table.
The styling options of the round table can be easilly applied to this shape. I would usually recommend to use a modular installation for a large sized table, in order to reach out to its four corners. Also a square shaped lamp complements perfectly this option.


Sweedish Apartment by Stadhem, dining room, leather chairs, modular pendants

I am obsessed with these pendant lamps in this Swedish dining room

3- Rectangle Table.
Almost every style can be applied to it, but for more visual balance, go for linear modules. This also includes pendants placed in a row (a minimum of 2 depending on their sizes). Lately I’ve been loving the light bulbs pendants. For a very small price, you can build your own. I will be covering that later, so keep tuning in!


Dining Room by Germany based Oink Studio, with white and wood shades

A pair of simple glass pendants are used in this elegant dining room by Germany based Oink Studio

4- Oval or Rectangular with Rounded Edges Table.
This shape can also enjoy both styles of round and rectangle tables. But personally I think avoiding boxy shapes can really bring out this shape even more.


Remember there is no predefined formula here, exceptions may always apply. After all, picking your perfect pendant should take into consideration your context, materials, and most importantly the lighting intensity you are desiring.
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