5 Basic Themes for Your Kitchen + Styling Tips

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Are you setting the right mood for your kitchen?

Regarded as the most important room in the house, designing a kitchen can be tricky with all the infinite possibilities out there. But having a good theme direction can save you both time and money. So for your next kitchen supplier visit, I have gathered a list of 5 basic themes for you to go from:



Marie-Laure Helmkampf

1-Modern Rustic.
Rustic might not be as popular as before, but this theme will remain a classic and is still widely used for its nostalgic charm and warmth that awaken our senses. So don’t hesitate to use it and give it a modern flare if you’re a fan of a village feel kitchen.
Styling tip: For a more modern approach, keep away from molding and ornamented panels. Try to emphasize on the use of earthy colors, natural materials and textures such as wood and stone, and why not decorate it with Lebanese pantry jars (Mouneh) and traditional pottery.



Russian architect Alexey Nikolashin

2- Minimal.
This one is my favorite because by reducing the design to its minimum function requirements, it can give your kitchen both this sleek and modern feel while remaining timeless and practical.
Styling tip: Reduce your materials and color selections to a maximum of three (that includes the floor), and opt for hidden lights and groove handles to minimize the visual clutter and create cleaner volumes.



via Hvitur Lakkris

3- Bohemian.
Apart from planning your kitchen’s technical requirements, this theme requires the least work from your kitchen designer, because it relies heavily on your own customization and good sense of pairing different items together. It’s a combination of an eclectic style and a slightly messy vintage feel. And the best part is that there are simply no rules to it!
Styling tip: Try mixing different colors and patterns together, and emphasize on the use of salvaged cabinets and accesories you can find in a nearby antique shop. If you happen to be in Lebanon, you can also check out Second Hand Beirut on Facebook, there are always new interesting listings.



I am obsessed with this concrete countertop from the works of Swedish architect Johan Israelson’s home (also former PunkRock musician)

4- Industrial.
As its name indicates, this kitchen is all about looking rough and busy. So if you’re into that loft-like unrefined look than this theme is definitely for you.
Styling tip: Try to conceal less and go for open shelving, track light rails, and visible beams and pipes. Also line your walls with subway tiles or brick veneers, and emphasize on the use of steel, from your seatings to your appliances, and even your countertop and cabinetry.



Via Passion for Baking by Manuela Kjeilen

5- 50s (vaguely known as Retro or Vintage).
This is what my dream kitchen would look like, although this option may take you the longest to customize and the hardest to recreate. But not only you can bring a charming nostalgic twist, you can also add a cheerful and inviting atmosphere to your kitchen. You will also make use of those nice pinups artworks and accessories you bought. And in case you were wondering what’s the perfect setting for that SMEG fridge you always stare at window-shopping, than this is it.
Styling tip: Rely heavily on pastel colors and silver handles for your cabinetry, and checkered tiles for your floor. Pick mainly rounded edges appliances, and if you’re willing to take the risk, have them professionally painted with a pastel color to mimic the vintage appliances back then. Remember, this kitchen was conceived to be a housewife sanctuary, so show off your nice kitchen sets with an open shelving rack.


So wether you are planning your kitchen from scratch or giving it a makeover, having a pre-planned theme direction can help you address your exact preferences to your kitchen supplier.
Make sure to check out my [board] on Pinterest for more kitchen inspirations, and if you have a theme you would like to share I would love to read about it in the comment section below.

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